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The 70th Anniversary Of WWII Victory Golden Crown Coin Collection

They were the Golden moments of the 20th century, when the Allied forces of democracy fought against the empire-building ambitions of tyrants across the entirety of the globe, and emerged victorious. Now, this historic 70th anniversary inspires a collection of genuine legal tender one crown coins issued by the Commonwealth territory of Tristan da Cunha: The 70th Anniversary of WWII Victory Crown Coin Collection, available in an exclusive presentation from The Bradford Exchange Mint. Your exciting and historic commemorative coin collection begins with Issue One, 70th Anniversary Victory WWII, a one crown coin commemorating the Allied victories on VE and VJ days. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Two, Churchill’s Speech to the Nation and FREE Deluxe Display Box, followed by Issue Three, Liberation of Paris. Additional WWII Victory commemorative crown coins, each a separate issue, will follow.‡Exquisitely commemorating the greatest moments of the Allies of WWII, each crown coin in this collection is richly plated in 24K gold and is offered in gleaming proof condition. These commemorative WWII coins are preserved in crystal-clear holders for optimal protection and ideal viewing of both obverse and reverse sides. The FREE Display Case is perfect for displaying and storing your WWII commemorative British crown coin collection. Strong demand is expected among coin collectors and history buffs alike and editions are limited to only 1,999 complete collections, so don’t delay. Order now! $49.95 USD

Bradford Authenticated


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