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Together In Love Personalized Two Stone Topaz...

$129 When you find your soul mate, your heart is embraced with never-ending happiness and joy. Celebrate a love that was always meant to be with an exquisite ring made […]

Figurine: Wisdom Of The Amethyst Owl Figurine

$29.99 Ancient lore shares that the ever-watchful owl is a creature of knowledge and wisdom. There’s no creature that is quite as mystical. Now, you can honor the striking owl […]

Country Beauty Sterling Silver Gemstone Women...

Round up some sophisticated style that sparkles as bright as a starlight night sky while letting the country gal in you shine with the Country Beauty Ring, a fine jewelry […]

Radiant Treasure Green Helenite And Diamond R...

$129 From the depths of the fiery ash of Mount St. Helens comes a dazzling discovery – the glittering green elegance of Helenite! After the powerful eruption of Mt. St. […]

Stainless Steel Power And Fury Men’s Dr...

Its fierce spirit is legendary, conjuring thoughts of a scaly, winged serpent of unearthly power and fire-breathing fury. We’re talking, of course, about the mighty dragon, a foreboding creature from […]

Star Spangled Sparkle 18K Gold-Plated Ring

$89 Want to celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave with fashionable style? Slip on the Star Spangled Sparkle Ring – a stunning 18K gold-plated […]

Runway Inspiration Sterling Silver Diamonesk ...

$119 From runways to red carpets, on the subway or walking down the street, the love of the color blue is everywhere. The beauty of this must-have color is that […]

Figurines: Reflections Of The American Owl Fi...

$29.99 An owl’s wisdom shines bright in this stunning owl figurine collection inspired by the precious rare gems and created by acclaimed artist Blake Jensen. Introducing the Reflections of the […]

Lena Liu Reflections Of The Hummingbird Cryst...

$29.99 Appearing to float on air, hummingbirds are powerful symbols of endurance, strength and determination – and are often referred to as nature’s flying jewels. Now, the beloved hummingbird art […]

Alfred Durante Gardens Of Versailles Emerald ...

$199 Versailles. The very name conjures visions of legendary European opulence, a bejeweled palace surrounded by spectacular jewels of nature, transformed into magical gardens. Now, this Alfred Durante Gardens of […]

Tanzanite & White Topaz Treasure Ring

$249 Found in only one place on earth, near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, tanzanite is among the most dazzling and unusual gemstones in the world. Known for its dramatic color-changing […]

Always In My Heart Pendant Necklace

$99 Smart shoppers realize the unparalleled value in specially designed fine jewelry. Meticulous handcraftsmanship, enduring value and exclusive offers are the hallmark of The Bradford Exchange Online jewelry. Strong demand […]

With You Still Sterling Silver White Topaz Pe...

$99 When you are touched by love, it’s a feeling that is forever. And when your loved ones are gone, their spirit lives on – feeling their presence in each […]

Infinity Claddagh And Peridot Gemstone Pendan...

$119 For centuries, the cherished Claddagh and beloved Celtic knot have brought meaning and inspiration to millions, capturing the beauty of the Emerald Isle along with the strength and spirit […]

Ipanema Apatite Ring

$179 At the south end of Rio de Janeiro is the lively, social neighborhood of Ipanema. Flanked by two mountains on one end and bustling streets filled with cafes and […]

Stars In The Night 18K Gold-Plated Blue Golds...

$99 Though rumored to have been discovered by ancient Italian monks, goldstone’s first official documentation dates back to 17th century Venice. The native Venetian family that discovered goldstone impressed the […]

Beauty Of The Amethyst Crystalline Hummingbir...

Beauty Of The Amethyst Crystalline Hummingbird Figurine

$29.99 Stunning purple amethyst gemstones are said to possess the power to increase positive spiritual energy and help overcome fears. Now, the beloved amethyst and the jewel-like hummingbird artistry of […]

Our Sweet Love Mocha And White Diamond Garnet...

Our Sweet Love Mocha And White Diamond Garnet Ring

$149 Falling in love is one of the sweetest experiences life has to offer. Now, you can express the joy of each day you spend together with a dazzling gift […]

Dazzling Hope Rose Quartz And Pink Simulated ...

Dazzling Hope Rose Quartz And Pink Simulated Diamond Ring

$119 For those affected by breast cancer, hope can make a difference. Now, let the beauty of hope truly sparkle with the Dazzling Hope Ring, a fine jewelry design exclusively […]

kathy ireland Forever Our Love Personalized 1...

kathy ireland Forever Our Love Personalized 18K Gold-Plated White Topaz Ring

$129 Once you have found your one true love, every day is more wonderful than the day before. Now you can celebrate that special person who fills your heart with […]

Cardinal Beauty Garnet Gemstone Pendant Neckl...

Cardinal Beauty Garnet Gemstone Pendant Necklace

$79 Step outdoors and admire nature’s most beloved songbird, the vibrantly colored cardinal, perched among the floral-filled treetops. Now, the beauty of nature’s most popular songbird has been envisioned in […]

Radiance Of The Amethyst Dachshund Figurine W...

Radiance Of The Amethyst Dachshund Figurine With Mirror Base

$29.99 Dog lovers everywhere are charmed by the busy little attitude of the frisky Dachshund. Now, this adored breed is celebrated in crystalline amethyst with the Radiance of the Amethyst […]

Colors Of Inspiration Swarovski Crystal Butte...

Colors Of Inspiration Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Pendant Necklace

$89 Who couldn’t use a little pick-me-up every now and then and sometimes inspiration is what helps us stay strong in times of great challenge. Now, an enchanting butterfly symbolizing […]

Aquamarine & Tanzanite Fantasy Ring

Aquamarine & Tanzanite Fantasy Ring

$249 Ancient legends speak of the aquamarine as the treasure of mermaids, perhaps because of its color – reflecting the cool hue of crystalline waters and the tranquility of the […]

Copacabana Pink Tourmaline Cabochon Ring

Copacabana Pink Tourmaline Cabochon Ring

$179 At the southern edge of Rio de Janeiro is the bustling historic neighborhood of Copacabana. The heart and soul of this iconic hot spot is its breathtaking beach. Now, […]

Sunset Oasis 18K Gold-Plated Ametrine And Dia...

Sunset Oasis 18K Gold-Plated Ametrine And Diamond Ring

$249 There is no hour more magical than the last light of day, when the sun dips below the horizon and the sky glows with warm, radiant hues. Now, this […]

Untamed Freedom Blue Lapis Ring

Untamed Freedom Blue Lapis Ring

$149 Driving down an open highway with the windows rolled down, the sky radiates a bright blue up above you and you feel immensely free. Now capture the riveting feeling […]

Aquamarine & White Topaz Dream Ring

Aquamarine & White Topaz Dream Ring

$249 There’s something truly dreamy about the serenity of aquamarine waters and the mysteries they may hold. Why, they may even shelter an elusive mermaid or two! Now you can […]

Turquoise Splendor Gemstone Ring

Turquoise Splendor Gemstone Ring

$129 Vivid in color, turquoise is an eye-catching gemstone like no other and always seems to add a fresh, radiant feeling to any look. Now, add a touch of turquoise […]


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