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Sculpture: Invoking The Sacred Guardian Sculpture$450$


To summon the guidance of the mighty eagle, traditional spirit seekers would take part in ceremonial dances, resplendent in colorful feathered regalia recalling the eagle’s wings. Now, those fascinating traditions inspire this Invoking the Sacred Guardian Sculpture, pairing the lasting beauty of gallery-quality cold-cast bronze sculptures with the riveting eagle artwork of renowned artist Ted Blaylock. A Bradford Exchange exclusive, this extraordinary Native American-style sculpture offers an enduring tribute to the time-honored ceremonies that forever uplift our spirits and unite us with the power of nature.Invoking the Sacred Guardian is a fully dimensional sculpture depicting a ceremonial dancer adorned with magnificent feathered wings inspired by those of soaring eagles. Weighing about 2 pounds and marvelously handcrafted in genuine cold-cast bronze, it is hand-finished in remarkable detail and enhanced with hand-painted symbolic colors recalling ritual paint and regalia. Ted Blaylock’s powerful eagle artwork is showcased on the dancer’s outstretched wings, superbly recreated in vivid color and detail. A handsome, mahogany-finished base completes this spectacular presentation. A stunning addition to your Ted Blaylock art collection or Native American-style collectibles display, this limited-edition sculpture are certain to draw intense demand, so don’t wait. Order now!

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