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Men’s Ring: The Morgan Silver Ingot Ring$450$


Silver has long been treasured for its beauty, rarity, and enduring value, and soaring prices have led most countries, including the U.S., to end or restrict mintage of silver coins like the Morgan Silver Dollar. Now this first-ever The Morgan Silver Ingot Ring recaptures the Morgan Silver Dollar’s allure in a bold men’s ring recalling the coveted coin’s historic design. A unique fine jewelry exclusive from The Bradford Exchange Mint, it is a gleaming expression of American freedom.Inspired by the Morgan Silver Dollar Eagle coin’s reverse, this distinctive men’s ring showcases a custom-crafted 99.9% pure silver ingot weighing a full gram. It is embedded within an onyx and royal blue setting and embellished with genuine 24K-gold plating. The handcrafted setting boasts side shanks recalling the Morgan’s classic Liberty obverse and eagle reverse designs, enhanced with even more 24K-gold plating. Inside the band you’ll find the engraved words, “Morgan Silver Ingot, The King of American Silver”; the ring arrives in a deluxe presentation case. Considering the Morgan Silver Dollar’s historic beauty and the use of 99.9% real silver, this extraordinary men’s ring is sure to be valued for years to come and strong demand is expected, so don’t wait. Order now!

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