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MARVEL HULK: The Monster Within Sculpture


Whatever you do, don’t make him angry! Now, The Hamilton Collection is excited to present a special opportunity to reserve the HULK: The Monster Within Sculpture, a limited-edition THE INCREDIBLE HULK sculpture capturing Dr. Banner’s painful physical transformation from man to mammoth. Pending sufficient demand, this exclusive HULK collectible sculpture will be handcrafted and hand-painted by skilled artists, working closely with original MARVEL artwork!Standing 10 inches tall in a must-have tribute to one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, this officially-licensed HULK sculpture will vividly capture his transformation, from Bruce’s futile attempts to fight off the change to his final, rage-filled, fully transformed stances as the mighty HULK. Built-in directional LED lights will dramatically cast upward beams of light on the scene, adding an unprecedented level of depth, dimension and intensity. Plus, the cloud of radioactive gas billowing in the background will illuminate with a green, gamma ray-like glow! Remember, handcrafting can only begin once a sufficient number of orders are received, so don’t wait to reserve the HULK: The Monster Within Sculpture risk-free. Order now!

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The Hamilton Collection
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