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Hugs And Kisses Lifelike Monkey Doll Set


This utterly adorable pair of baby monkey twins is sure to melt your heart when you give them hugs and kisses full of love! Created by award-winning doll artist Cindy Sales, the Hugs And Kisses Monkey Doll Set is available only from The Ashton Drake Galleries. These monkey doll twins are as fun to hug and kiss as they are to cuddle with! Completely poseable, they are sure to delight.Artfully sculpted by Ms. Sales with lifelike details, these playful and realistic monkey dolls are crafted of soft vinyl with cuddly cloth bodies that make them adorably huggable. Each precious doll features soft wisps of hand-applied hair and a darling outfit that says “Hugs 25??” on the male one-piece and “Kisses 25??” on the female one-piece. The female monkey also comes with a floral hair-tie. Don’t wait to bring these lifelike monkey dolls home. Order now!

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