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Honoring The Heroes Of Pearl Harbor Laser-Etched U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Block Sculpture$450$


On the morning of December 7, 1941, a surprise attack on the U.S. navel base in Pearl Harbor forever changed the face of American history. But, even after the U.S.S. Arizona plunged into the watery depths, it couldn’t stop a proud, rallying nation from rising above. Now, celebrate the resilience of the American spirit with the Honoring the Heroes of Pearl Harbor Laser-Etched Sculpture, a limited edition exclusively from The Hamilton Collection. This stirring Pearl Harbor memorial sculpture showcases the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial laser-etched inside an optically pure glass block. Over 1,000,000 precise laser points create an amazingly detailed view from every angle!The glass block rests on a striking base that features the full-color, patriotic imagery of acclaimed artists James Griffith and Dennis Lyall, further honoring those who defend our nation’s freedoms. Emblazoned on the back of the base are the opening words from President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inspiring speech before Congress the day after the Pearl Harbor invasion, adding to the significance of this U.S.S. Arizona Memorial block sculpture. A golden title plaque on the front of the base and “U.S.S. ARIZONA MEMORIAL” laser-etched on the glass block complete the presentation. Strong demand is expected for this powerful symbol of America’s resolve. Order now!

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Dennis Lyall, Glass, James Griffin, Laser-etched, Military, Navy, Pearl Harbor, Sculpture, U.S.S. Arizona, US Navy, WWII, World War 2, etched glass
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