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Half Life 2 Gordon Freeman Sculpture$450$


The Half-Life 2 story finds Gordon Freeman years after the Black Mesa Incident, when the Earth has been enslaved by the Combine. Armed with his famous crowbar in one hand and antlion-attracting Bugbait in the other, he is an unlikely hero to be reckoned with. Now, a Gordon Freeman Half-Life 2 sculpture captures his dramatic presence in a 1:4-scale limited-edition collectible by Gaming Heads, presented by The Hamilton Collection. If you’re a fan of the popular gaming franchise, you don’t want to miss this impressively detailed Half-Life 2 sculpture, standing at approximately 20 BIG inches high. But hurry, because it is available in a strictly limited edition of only 1,000 worldwide!Cast in high quality poly-stone, your Gordon Freeman Half-Life 2 collectible sculpture is hand-finished and hand-painted to exacting standards. Showcased in action, as if he has just walked out of the ruins of City 17, your Gordon Freeman sculpture arrives with a display base, and a foam-interior, full-color box with a validation card to ensure your collectibles is genuine. Strong demand is expected for this limited-edition Gordon Freeman Half-Life 2 sculpture, so act quickly. Order now!

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