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Greyson Alien Baby Doll With Poseable Arms And Legs$450$


It is reported that almost half of all alien encounters in the United States are with the “Roswell Greys,” a name originating from the famous Roswell, New Mexico, UFO incident that occurred in 1947. Now, these paranormal sightings inspire our Greyson Alien Baby Doll, a first-of-a-kind exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Award-winning special effects artist J. Anthony Kosar and Kosart Studios worked diligently sculpting a first-of-its-kind “Baby Grey.” He’s ultra-realistic enough to win over any non-believer!At 16 inches long, this adorable alien baby doll is fully sculpted with four fingers and three toes on each tiny hand and foot. He is crafted of soft vinyl and coated with a silky smooth finish, then painted by hand. His large black eyes are custom-made to replicate those documented from Roswell. His jointed arms and legs are poseable, and his head pivots to look for intelligent life. He even comes with his own cosmic baby blanket to keep him cozy. This baby alien doll is sure to make you starry-eyed and he makes a unique gift for a fellow believer, but strong demand is anticipated, so don’t delay. Order now!

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