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Genuine 1943 Steel Cent Men’s Ring: American Hero


One hundred and fifty years after his election, Abraham Lincoln still inspires us, and his noble ideals continue to march onward. Now, in honor of his historic election, The Bradford Exchange Mint is proud to introduce a genuine 1943 steel cent men’s ring – a striking one-of-a-kind union of coins, history and handcraftsmanship. The centerpiece of this fine jewelry design is an authentic 1943 steel penny – a rare coin that was struck for only one year to patriotically conserve copper for the war effort during World War II.This extraordinary men’s ring is expertly handcrafted of solid sterling silver and richly plated with 24K gold accents. The side shanks recall Old Glory’s stars and stripes in raised relief, while a textured, braided-look band encircles Lincoln’s iconic profile on the 1943 steel cent. Engraved inside the ring are the words “LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” – values that Lincoln defended and that still inspire Americans today. This is your opportunity to own an heirloom-quality statement of patriotism and pride, but DON’T WAIT! Intense demand is expected for this exclusive 1943 steel penny ring – order now!

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