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Figurines: Enchanted Hope For Alzheimer’s By Lena Liu Angel Figurine Collection


Faith and hope are comforting to those living with Alzheimer’s and their caretakers, and nothing brings more comfort than a fluttering butterfly angel. Now, you can raise Alzheimer’s awareness with the charming Enchanted Hope By Lena Liu Figurine Collection, available in a limited edition exclusively from The Hamilton Collection. Your collection begins with Issue One, Fluttering Faith. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, Captivating Comfort, Issue Three, Spirited Strength and additional angel figurines, each a separate issue, will follow.‡. Most importantly, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each figurine will be donated to the Alzheimer’s awareness and research programs.Exquisitely handcrafted and meticulously hand-painted by Master Artisans, each Alzheimer’s Awareness figurine in this collection features a striking angel showcasing award-winning artist Lena Liu’s beautiful flowers and butterfly art and a sculpted butterfly. Each edition showcases angelic guardians lending strength and support to those facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s. Butterfly-shaped wings embellished with Ms. Liu’s butterfly art, golden-metallic paint, brilliantly-cut simulated gems and glitter accents add extra delight to each issue. Strong demand is expected for this meaningful collection of angel figurines, so order now!

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