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Dr Martin Luther King Jr Commemorative Legacy Proof Coin Collection: 1 of 2000

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Legacy Proof Coin Collection – Few men in history have inspired as many to action as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. From the Deep South to the Northeast and from Canada to Washington D.C., people followed his lead in trying to make the United States a better place for all its citizens. Today, more than 50 years after his tragic assassination, his words and examples continue to inspire us as few have ever done. Now you can honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who inspired the world to seek greater equality, with the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Proof Coin Collection. An exclusive collector’s presentation from The Bradford Exchange Mint, this stirring collection commemorates Dr. King’s 50-year legacy, beginning with Issue One, MLK 50th Commemorative Year Proof Coin, followed by Issue Two, Montgomery Bus Boycott with your FREE display box. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Three, I Have a Dream Speech, and additional MLK collectible coins, each a separate issue to follow.‡Each coin in the collection is richly plated with 99.9% silver and features an iconic image of Dr. King on the reverse, with the first issue showing him giving his famed “I Have a Dream” speech. Each portrait is accented by a 24K gold-plated privy mark honoring the 50th anniversary of his untimely death, along with an engraved commemorative title and date. The obverse features a detailed American eagle in flight and the Stars and Stripes. Every coin arrives in prized Proof condition and is preserved for future generations in a crystal-clear, tamper-proof capsule and your collection includes a mahogany-finished custom Deluxe Display Box. We expect strong demand for these once-in-a-lifetime MLK collectible legacy proof coins, and the edition is strictly limited to 2,000 complete collections, so this might be your only opportunity to acquire this historic coin collection. Order now! $39.99 USD

Bradford Authenticated


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