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Coin Set: The Last Of The U.S. Lincoln Copper Pennies Coin Set


Coin collectors know that some treasures can still be found in circulation. For instance, with a lot of searching you can still find Lincoln 95% copper pennies. But, it takes a tremendous amount of work and time. Now this magnificent coin set gives you the chance to claim a massive treasure trove of these increasingly rare coins. In fact, The Last of the U.S. Lincoln Copper Pennies Coin Set delivers a full 5 lbs. of 95% pure copper pennies, each worth more than its face value because of its high copper content.A Bradford Exchange Mint exclusive presentation, this exciting coin set brings you over 700 individual 95% pure copper pennies minted from 1959-1982 at the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint, including at least one hard-to-find early 1982 penny, the LAST to be minted in 95% pure copper. Your coin set arrives in a FREE genuine canvas banker’s bag. And, of course, each penny features the incredibly detailed Lincoln Memorial engraving on the reverse, making these the first U.S. coins to depict the same person on both the obverse and reverse sides. Your collection also includes a FREE authentic cancelled copper mining certificate from the historic Anaconda Copper Company, one of the greatest copper mining firms of the early 20th century. Very strong demand is expected for this historic coin set and quantities are extremely limited, so hurry. Order now!

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