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So Truly Real Daisy, Our Li’l Pumpkin L...

Oh, my! Our pumpkin patch has grown a Daisy! Now, this sweet little charmer is yours to cuddle with the Daisy, Our Li’l Pumpkin Monkey Doll by Master Doll Artist […]

Buy One, Get One Free Lifelike Monkey Doll Se...

$79.99 Who doesn’t love two-for-one hugs and cuddles? You’ll get more than you bargained for with these two brown-eyed love bugs! Enjoy these adorable creatures with the Buy One, Get […]

So Truly Real Novi Monkey Doll

$139.99 She’s a dream come true – a good-natured baby monkey who is happiest when she’s snuggling in your arms. You can tell her contentment by her sweet smile and […]

Coco So Truly Real Baby Monkey Doll

$119.99 Meet Coco, a baby monkey doll that’s so adorable and so lifelike she’s bound to be the center of attention wherever she goes. She’s the very first So Truly […]

Annabelle’s Hugs So Truly Real Poseable...

If her big brown eyes don’t melt your heart, feeling her arms around you certainly will! Meet Annabelle’s Hugs, our FIRST hugging monkey doll exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries! This […]

Monkeying Around With Momoko Realistic Monkey...

$149.99 Little Momoko wakes up each morning full of energy and eager for the day to get started. Our FIRST Collector’s Edition monkey featuring Hold That Pose!™ technology, this Monkeying […]

Lollie Orangutan Child Doll

$149.99 Are you ready to monkey around with this sweet and precious toddler? The Ashton-Drake Galleries is proud to introduce Lollie – an adorable orangutan child doll created by master […]

Wild About You Monkey Doll In Tux

$99.99 The classic gesture of love, a bouquet of red roses always lets someone know you’re wild about them! Now, fall in love with a handsome lad you’re sure to […]

Dolls: He Did It, She Did It Monkey Doll Set

$79.99 Uh, oh! Looks like there’s some monkey business going on with this He Did It, She Did It Monkey Doll Set. But that’s okay, because these precious baby monkey […]

Dottie’s Day Of Fun Lifelike Monkey Dol...

When it comes to playtime, Dottie is always ready to have some fun! Now, you can laugh and play with her whenever you wish with the Dottie’s Day of Fun […]

Amazing Amazon Poseable Finger Monkey Doll Co...

$29.99 The Amazon rainforest is full of breathtaking wonders, both large and small. It is home to the smallest monkeys in the world, no bigger than a human finger. Now […]

Gertie Plays Mommy Lifelike Monkey Doll

$39.99 Gertie loves her baby monkey more than anything in the world! She’s so proud of her little bundle of joy that she wears a matching outfit celebrating their bond. […]

Lifelike Baby Orangutan Doll: Baby Pongo

$99.99 Full of personality and charm, baby orangutans are as cute as they are cuddly! Now, discover the sweetness of a simian when you cradle Baby Pongo in your arms, […]

Monkey Baby Doll Set: Double Trouble

$79.99 Don’t let those big brown eyes fool you! These adorable orangutan babies can be as sweet as pie??? but put them together and you’ve got more than a handful […]

I’m Cute And I Know It Monkey Doll

I’m Cute And I Know It Monkey Doll The Bradford Exchange Online Girl Dolls, Monkey Dolls The Ashton-Drake Galleries The Ashton-Drake Galleries, Monkeys

Wally’s Concert Recital Lifelike Monkey...

Can you hear that? It’s the sweet sounds of Wally on the xylophone, of course! And, he’s ready to show off his musical skills to you with the Wally’s Concert […]

Sweet Slumber Monkey Doll

$34.99 Smart shoppers realize the unparalleled value in handcrafted collectible dolls. Meticulous artistry, limited editions and exclusive offers are the hallmark of The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online. Strong demand is expected, […]

Baby Chimpanzee Doll: Baby Binti

$79.99 Baby Binti has a heart that is all ready for your love! Now you can adopt this adorable baby chimpanzee doll as your very own – and when you […]

Cindy Sales Frankie And Fiona Vinyl Monkey Do...

$149.99 Fiona was the first orangutan born, a beautiful baby girl with deep brown eyes and a loving expression. Seconds later, Frankie arrived greeting the world with a smile on […]

Hugs And Kisses Lifelike Monkey Doll Set

$79.99 This utterly adorable pair of baby monkey twins is sure to melt your heart when you give them hugs and kisses full of love! Created by award-winning doll artist […]

Baby Orangutan Doll: Baby Zula

$99.99 So expressive and dressed to delight you in her banana tee-shirt and diaper, Baby Zula is pleased to make your acquaintance! Discover the cute and cuddly sweetness of an […]

Jolly The Holiday Elf Lifelike Monkey Doll

$99.99 Santa’s little helpers come in all shapes, sizes and colors – even orange! Now, go wild for the sweetest elf of them all with the Jolly, The Holiday Elf […]

Darling Daisy Lifelike Monkey Doll

$69.99 She looks up at you shyly, dressed in a cheerful yellow outfit that tells you right away the name of her favorite flower. So petite, so lovable, she’s sure […]

Clementine So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Monkey...

$99.99 A baby’s eyes say so much, and that’s especially true when the baby is a monkey! Now, Clementine Needs A Cuddle, an exclusive baby monkey doll has dewy brown […]

I Was Born Cute Monkey Doll

$39.99 I Was Born Cute Monkey Doll The Bradford Exchange Online Girl Dolls, Monkey Dolls The Ashton-Drake Galleries The Ashton-Drake Galleries, Monkeys

Older Wiser, Younger Cuter Lifelike Monkey Do...

$79.99 He’s older and wiser. She’s younger and cuter. But no matter how you look at it, one thing is for certain: they’re a fuzzy match made in monkey heaven. […]

Cute On The Outside Adorable On The Inside Mo...

$39.99 Cute On The Outside Adorable On The Inside Monkey Doll The Bradford Exchange Online Girl Dolls, Monkey Dolls The Ashton-Drake Galleries The Ashton-Drake Galleries, Monkeys


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