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Sunset Dreams Native American-Inspired Fantas...

$159.99 As the sun sets, it leaves a trail of stunning colors that soon give way to the sparkling night sky. Now, meet the beautiful maiden who carries the sun’s […]

16-Inch Ball-Jointed Fairy Doll: Believe

$149.99 With one look in her beguiling eyes and a flutter of her graceful wings, this enchanting collectible fairy doll will carry you off to a world of romance and […]

Wizard Of Oz Fantasy Art Doll Collection: Adv...

$99.99 They went looking for the things they dreamed of: a brain, a heart, courage and a way back home. But true friendship was what they needed most. Now, a […]

Ice Princess Fantasy Doll

$179.99 Behold the beauty of a mystic monarch: stunning in her majesty, she rides a magnificent stallion through her crystalline kingdom of ice. Now, acclaimed fantasy artist Nene Thomas’ captivating […]

Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Befor...

Before they were making flesh crawl as adults, what if the denizens of Halloween town began the nightmare as scary little babies? Now the classic 1993 Tim Burton film, “The […]

Doll: Sedona Sky Mystical Maiden Fantasy Doll

$159.99 As the sun rises in the Sedona sky, there is a desert spirit who emerges, unfolding her luminous wings and begins her morning dance, bringing a blazing streak of […]

Titania, Queen Of The Fairies Fantasy Doll

$199.99 Throughout the history of literature and love, many stories were told of fairy queens who had charge of the magical creatures who lived in the forests. But it was […]

Porcelain Fantasy Doll: Fire

$149.99 When twilight falls, some of the most stunning nymphs of the earth appear, and one of them is Fire, a breathtaking porcelain fantasy doll as captivating as her name. […]

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Sweet Spell Baby Fair...

$39.99 Did you know baby fairies dress up for Halloween too? They’re usually very shy, but you can always spot them by their big beautiful eyes. One look and you’ll […]

Ice Fantasy Doll

$149.99 When the winter world is frozen solid, sparkling in the moonlight, you know this magical ice fairy must be near. Inspired by C.Z. Marks’ “Faeries of Twilight” poem, DOTY™ […]

Spellbound Fantasy Art Doll

$149.99 The paintings of acclaimed fantasy artist Anne Stokes have the ability to take you away to a lush landscape of bewitching maidens due to her high level of detail, […]

Emerald Enticement Fantasy Doll

$149.99 She moves through the world with quiet majesty – serene, yet seductive. But dare to arouse her wrath and she will unleash her inner dragon, sure to bring woe […]

Cindy McClure Show Queen Fantasy Doll

Cindy McClure Show Queen Fantasy Doll

$159.99 As the full moon rises in the winter sky, the Snow Queen Fantasy Doll and her owl spirit guide watch over her faithful subjects, a mighty force among the […]

Doll: Echoes Of Autumn Fantasy Doll

Doll: Echoes Of Autumn Fantasy Doll

$179.99 With her noble black stallion by her side, this magnificent beauty’s spirit can really take flight! Now, acclaimed fantasy artist Nene Thomas’s captivating vision inspires the Echoes of Autumn […]

Native American Inspired Midnight Stargazer P...

Native American Inspired Midnight Stargazer Portrait Doll

$199.99 As she extends an arm towards the midnight sky, the stars cascade about her in a shower of unearthly beauty to show her the way! Now, this enchanting moment […]

Lightening Fantasy Doll

Lightening Fantasy Doll

$149.99 Capture the excitement of one of the most thrilling natural phenomena with Lightening, a breathtaking porcelain fantasy doll as captivating as her name! Emerging from the imagination of award-winning […]

Nene Thomas Expressions Of The Soul Fantasy M...

Nene Thomas Expressions Of The Soul Fantasy Musical Doll

$179.99 It has been said that music is the language of angels. Now, you can be transported to a world where heavenly angels abide and musical melodies soothe your spirit […]

Spellbound Fairies: The Jasmine-Beckett-Griff...

Spellbound Fairies: The Jasmine-Beckett-Griffith Fantasy Doll Collection

$39.99 Look into the captivating eyes of these miniature fairy dolls, and see how completely they have become enchanted with the spirit of the dragon! These spellbinding 5-inch miniature fairy […]

Doll: Passionfire, Queen Of Desire Nene Thoma...

Doll: Passionfire, Queen Of Desire Nene Thomas Fantasy Doll

$179.99 From the bold visions of fantasy artist Nene Thomas comes a magical world where mythical creatures, with otherworldly powers, inspire awe. Now, this mysterious world is reimagined in the […]