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Best Witches Light Up Halloween Wreath


It’s that spook-a-riffic time of the year, when ghoulish ghosts and ghastly goblins arrive to celebrate the magic of Halloween! No other artist captures the scary wonder of this season like beloved master Dona Gelsinger, and now her work inspires our Best Witches Wreath, a first-ever illuminated Halloween wreath exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Crafted of a soft silver and black reflective material in the shape of a crescent moon, it’s filled with frightful creatures of the night, come to life with sound and light!What a fabulous way to bring the sights and sounds of Halloween into your home! At nearly two feet tall, every handcrafted detail of this Halloween treat is sure to cast its spell, from the snickering witch who stirs her glowing cauldron at the base of the wreath, to the three hauntingly eerie ghosts who swirl about her and the witch who “flies” on her broom at the tip of the moon. Lit from within, the Jack o’ lanterns leer and grin while a pair of curious kitties lay back their ears and bristle their curled tails at all the Halloween hijinks. But wait! Do you hear that? With the flip of a switch 35 glowing purple LED lights accompany a spine-tingling recording of super spooky sounds. Each hand-cast, hand-painted figure in this Halloween wreath is a scary treat, as are the autumn leaves and lush blossoms; put them all together and watch out – you may never want Halloween to end! Strong demand is expected, so don’t wait. Order now!

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