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Cocktails Inspired by Hollywood

Everyone knows the Shirley Temple Cocktail was inspired by the famous curly-head cutie from the 1930s. But did you know that ‘The Love Goddess’ Rita Hayworth may have been the inspiration for the Margarita? Here’s some information about these cocktails … Continue reading

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My Man Godfrey

The Great Depression was winding down by the time “My Man Godfrey” was released to theaters but people were still struggling to make ends meet and looking for hope. “My Man Godfrey” (1936) was the answer. “My Man Godfrey” reunited … Continue reading

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Katharine Hepburn as Box Office Poison?

It is almost unfathomable to believe the First Lady of Cinema, Katharine Hepburn, who has won four out of twelve Oscar nominations, was once considered “Box Office Poison.” After building an extensive theatrical background Hepburn at Byrn Mawr College and … Continue reading

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Vivien Leigh Scarlett O’Hara Barbeque Dress Pin Button

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara in famous Barbeque Dress. Quality metal pinback with exclusive design, 2.25 inches, new. Great for wearing when you are going to the movies or TCM Classic Film Festival events, adorning backpacks, gift-giving. 1.99

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