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Bette Davis’ Dispute With Warner Bros.

Today actors are considered “freelance” and have the freedom of signing with any production for any motion picture they feel they are inclined to do. Currently, more actors are opening their own production companies to better suit the needs of … Continue reading

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The Design of the Oscar

Have you ever wondered who designed the Oscar statuette? Or which actor may have posed for it? Is it really made of gold? How did he get the name “Oscar” anyway? The designer of the “Oscar” was MGM Studios’ talented … Continue reading

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My Man Godfrey

The Great Depression was winding down by the time “My Man Godfrey” was released to theaters but people were still struggling to make ends meet and looking for hope. “My Man Godfrey” (1936) was the answer. “My Man Godfrey” reunited … Continue reading

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Longest Speech In Oscar History

Forty-five seconds. That is the limit for every person who steps up to the podium when they receive their Oscar. Some have accepted more than one in their lifetime, while some of the most talented people in Hollywood never received … Continue reading

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