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May 15, 2014
by amber

Black Bean Burger at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Dinosauraus Restaurant

It is very rarely that I can adequately review/report sandwiches and burgers at Walt Disney World because they are expensive. Very expensive. So expensive that I have to look up the prices before I even leave my house and sometimes Disney’s price game is like the stock market. They keep going up, up, up. They change so rapidly that by the time I get to the park, a burger that was supposed to be $9.19 is $10.19 (before tax) when I decide to order it.

But since my annual pass is expiring soon and I will be trading time spent at Disney for a more affordable experience over at Universal Studios, I decided to treat myself to at least one burger at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

I mention this as a cautionary tale to my fellow sandwich/burger enthusiasts. I purchased the Black Bean Burger with fries at Dinosauraus restaurant and this is what I receive for $10.86.

Black Bean Burger

I actually received a far less portion of fries than what is pictured because they were running low on fries and did not stop the line of food at the back to wait for more fries to be cooked. I watched in horror as a cast member scooped THREE FRIES into a child’s dinosaur bucket that is supposed to be at least half-filled with fries for $7.49 (before tax). I hope that the family was smart enough to return the bucket and ask for a decent portion once it reached their table.

Even at McDonald’s, Burger King’s or Wendy’s, the associates respectfully request that you wait while they make more fries to give you the due portion you paid for. Even they have two deep friers going at once so they don’t run out. But at Disney, it’s you get what they give you.

This is what the burger looked like when I purchased it.

(This is what the burger looked like after I purchased it. Keep in mind – $10.86)

But let’s get to the review – shall we? It will be short, sweet and forgetful. Much like this meal.

What you think a black bean burger is supposed to be vanished from this particular order. It was not juicy. It had no texture and it was overcooked in portions of the patty. The bun was okay and the “special” avocado sauce that Disney boasted had no taste to it whatsover – did they put real avocado in there or pixie dust avocado?

To add I think this might have upset my stomach a bit too. I’m guessing in the future I should do this:

It always pains me to write a bad review for anyone but if I don’t write a bad review than how can anyone determine where to buy the best sandwich/burgers in town?



January 3, 2013
by amber
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The Floridian Club Sandwich at Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel

club sandwich

The Gasparilla Grill and Games restaurant is a quick service almost hidden in the back of the Grand Floridian Hotel. It’s not meant for the hotel visitors, more for the hotel guests who need fast meal before heading off to the park or need a break from sitting by the pool. Or for die-hard Disney World explorers like us.

But it was in dire need of remodeling and within the past year it has undergone a dramatic transformation. From the scarce table and chairs with a bank of humming arcade games on the back wall to a pleasantly decorated seating area similar to what you may find in a Panera restaurant. Large comfy booths line the windows and walls while an ample amount of tables with chairs fill the rest of the space. Thankfully, the arcade games have been moved to a room of their own.

Their menu has also been updated with a variety of choices including everything from Shrimp Stir Fry to Lobster Mac n Cheese and Pepperoni Flatbread.

But let’s talk about the sandwiches. They offer three – a Roast Beef sandwich, a Floridian Turkey Club and an Italian Meat Sandwich. All three come with the choice of a side between a small cucumber salad, tomato salad or house-made potato chips.

As described on the menu, the Floridian Turkey Club consists of Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and an avocado ranch dressing served on multi-grain toast.

Since I’m obsessed with avocados, it’s no surprise that I ordered the club sandwich with a side of house-made potato chips. My mum and sister ordered the same, only they opted for the cucumber salad.


At the Gasparilla, they have a sandwich and salad station where you can watch them make the sandwiches right in front of you, which is beneficial if you have dietery needs in which you can ask the server not include in your meal. We had to do this with my sister whom is allergic to eggs, thus we asked to not have her sandwich made with the avocado dressing.

Unfortunately, I do not have much to say about the sandwich itself.

The multi-grain toast was a decent bread to use, but the crust was a little hard to chew even for toast. It has your typical club sandwich layering with the lettuce being leafy green, the tomato was fresh, as was the bacon and turkey.

I had high expectations because it’s a club and it had avocado on it, which when used in a sandwich can bring a rich flavor, but the dressing was a major disappointment. While the sandwiches were being made, the server used very little but I did not object to it, as I thought that maybe the dressing had a enough flavor to not be piled on the bread. Not so. It was used so liberally that the dressing could have been replaced with mayonnaise and I wouldn’t have been able to tell.

The chips were delicious as was the cucumber salad according to my mum and sister.

But for now, the verdict is: