Monkey Doll: Little Enu Baby Monkey Doll


Little Enu just as sweet as can be, and she wants to come home with you! Now, you can adopt this irresistible baby chimpanzee AND help give back to the wild, because a portion of the proceeds will be donated to preserve animal life and the Earth’s resources. A bundle of love wrapped up in fur, the Little Enu Monkey Doll is an Ashton-Drake Galleries exclusive by Master Doll Artist Cindy Sales. She even comes with an Adoption Certificate that you can fill out yourself!This lifelike baby monkey doll is a heartwarming collectible handcrafted in fine vinyl to capture every charming detail. Her delicate features are hand-painted, and her little body is covered in soft, hand-applied hair for added realism. Plus, she has poseable arms and legs for a variety of adorable posing options. Dressed in a darling animal print sleeper with a precious white bow in her wispy hair, this baby monkey doll is ready to be cuddled by you! Eager demand is expected, so hurry – order now! $79.99

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