Little Risa Baby Orangutan Doll: So Truly Real


Meet Little Risa, and you’ll agree that she’s of the most adorable babies in the animal kingdom. She is a collectible baby orangutan doll you must see to believe, and the first-ever So Truly Real® baby monkey doll from artist Melissa McCrory! This adorable baby’s head and limbs are crafted in collector-quality silicone that recreate every lifelike detail of her sweet face and long, newborn limbs. Wispy red hair covers her from head to toe. You’ll love how she can tuck her finger in her mouth and look at you with such endearing innocence!This irresistible collectible monkey doll by renowned doll artist Melissa McCrory is available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. And it’s so nice to know that a portion of the proceeds from your purchase of Little Risa will be donated to support rainforest preservation! Don’t wait to gather Little Risa up in your arms to cuddle, as you help save the rainforest environment that would be her natural home. Strong demand is expected, so order now! $139.99

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